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4th April 2017

Today’s picture is of fields. I had no walking partner! I have walked from Rugby through Barby then on to Braunston where my husband met me for a quick drink. Then on through Willoughby. Finally picked up by my husband at Onley. A massive 20km in 3 1/2 hours. Home now for a shower before meeting a friend for dinner. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep on her 😴.

1st April 2017

On the way to look at a new car but all activities this holiday will involve a walk so stopped at Stanborough Park for a walk.

Walk number 2. As this morning’s was only 5km. We are back at Draycote Water to finish off with an extra 8.5km.


Saturday 25th March

4.10pm – I’m walking to Daventry today which is a 1/3 of my journey and I’m walking the route I will follow on 21st April. I’ve just seen an ex-pupil’s parents who have offered me a lift! It was tempting but I managed to resist. I’m keeping going so I can earn a glass of wine at the end! πŸ˜ƒ

5.55pm – I’m still walking….a nice elderly gentleman has just offered me a lift.

Thursday 23rd March

Back in training…..I have had a 3 days enforced rest – Ofsted visiting took priority I’m afraid. Feeling a bit exhausted so only 6 km tonight. This does mean that my holidays are now Ofsted preparation free! I have no excuses so plenty of training planned.

Sunday 19th March

Feeling like a change of scenery today – Off to Pitsford Reservoir. It is really windy today and I desperately want to join the sailors but I have to keep walking! My husband is with me again but 3.7 miles (6 km) in and he has to stop. I have finally exhausted him – I have a sneaky feeling he spotted the ice-cream van. Unfortunately, it is a circular route so someone has to continue on for another 5.4 miles (8.7 Km). There better be an ice-cream at the end for me!

Saturday 18th March

Another perfect day for walking. At 10am my husband and I arrive at Draycote Water for our next training session. Today’s aim is to walk around twice. 10.5 miles (17.7 km)! The first lap was in the company of my husband but he drops out as I start the second lap. The second lap was in the company of Aaron Copland (#Appalachian Spring #Rodeo #Billy the Kid). I manage it faster with him as my companion!

Tuesday 14th March

No Training tonight but I am visiting my sports therapist (Cat) – an integral part to being able to achieve this challenge. Unfortunately, I am carrying two injuries at the moment – A ruptured Achilles Tendon which I had a procedure for over the Christmas Period and a back injury. 1 Β½ hours later and I am ready to face the week ahead.